Insulated Metercube

Featuring an integral insulation layer between the outer and inner stainless-steel skins, the Insulated Metercube will hold the temperature of the contents much longer than conventional designs. Typically less than 2C loss per day. It features a heating / cooling facility, large manlid, fill / test sockets, 4-way forklift access and 2" outlet as standard. Modifications include internal steam coils if required. The shape and size of the container maximises the shipping payload, and its robust design is capable of holding liquids up to 2.6 Sg. The unit is UN approved for hazardous liquids.

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Capacity(kgs): 2000
Capacity(litres): 800
Content Types: liquid / sludge
Dimensions(LxWxH): 1150x1150x1140
Heating: Yes
Material: S/S 304
Packing Groups: II & III
Tare Weight(kgs): 252
Technical Drawing
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